Everything you need for a successful barbecue

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Tacos from the bbq a fantastic dish from Jord on display at BBQSTREET on 24Kitchen
The grill masters of BBQSTREET in action for the promo leader
In this episode of BBQSTREET, Jadis Schreuder makes a fresh dish of salmon bonbons on 24Kitchen
Albert Verdeyen makes a delicious chicken satay in this episode of BBQSTREET Walonia
Jord Althuizen really makes an amazing juicy tasty Smoked brisket burger in this episode of BBQSTREET
Jord is making a dish on the churrasco skewer with swordfish in BBQSTREET today, while serving a delicious corn salad with avocado, all featured in the BBQSTREET broadcast
Harm Jan Bloem, Pitmaster X & Ralph de Kok during the promo recordings for the new season of BBQSTREET on 24Kitchen

Playing outside with fire has never been so much fun!

If you thought that cooking outside is only something for the summer and the bbq only for hamburgers, then you are completely wrong! Every episode BBQStreet gives a masterclass about everyone's guilty pleasure that will spontaneously put a smile on your face: the barbecue. A world of new preparation possibilities will open up to you with this sturdy, yet simple device.

Largest (inter)national grill masters

Not the least names have been drummed up for these mouth-watering firing sessions! Jordan Althuizen, Ralph de Kok, Pit master x, Peter de Clercq en Harm Jan Bloem, Jadis Schreuder, Sizzle Brothers & Albert Verdeyen. While one goes completely wild with sauces, rubs, marinades and creative flavor combinations, the other shows you how to impress with the basics without too much fuss. Something for everyone!

Step into the world of fire & smoke

Grilling, smoking, baking, roasting, roasting and many more techniques will be discussed, but not without a step-by-step explanation of how to turn on your BBQ, maintain the temperature, how the briquettes work, what directly and indirectly, which pieces of meat are suitable for what; the list is endless. Charcoal, gas, birch wood, pizza stones, coconut briquettes, cedar planks and hay, clay and liquor as seasonings… with BBQStreet everyone becomes a BBQ expert. Every week you will also find new broadcasts on our own free youtube channel.Youtube BBQ STREET

Techniques & flavors

The fire stars not only show all the possibilities of the BBQ, but also explain how you process meat yourself: skinning, boning, making sausage or minced meat. But they also give away their secrets about fish, vegetables and fruit on the BBQ. Even the biggest layman can now conjure velvety salmon, rib eye steak and smoky bell pepper casually and in no time at all from the BBQ. From traditional BBQ recipes to international tempting hot items such as matambre, pulled pork and sosaties. After seeing BBQSstreet you immediately want to start BBQing. Throughout the year.

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